Why should you try our Carpet Cleaning Services?


1. Starplus Cleaning Services Ltd is a Corporate Member of The British Institute of Cleaning Science and hasachieved top accreditation from SAFEcontractor, a programme that recognises very high standards of health and safety practise amongst UK contractors.

2. Starplus Cleaning Services Ltd uses the best carpet cleaning products.

3. StarPlus Cleaning Services Ltd uses the best Carpet cleaning machines on the market, we using the latest technology to get the best results, our carpet Cleaning machines are 400psi, will operate up to 400 ft / 122 metres of solution hose, 1 x 3 stage heavy duty vacuum motor plus 1 x 3 stage standard vacuum motor. The best permissible vacuum motor arrangement for top performance, 230 inches of water lift / 17 inches of mercury lift, Powerful in-line 3 Kw heat exchanger capable of adjustable temperatures up to 110°C for steam-boosted carpet cleaning, cut through heavy soilage fast, gives improved cleaning performance and the power to remove chewing gum, blu-tack and wax from carpets. We do not even need to bring the machine indoors.

4. All our Professional Carpet Cleaners have received professional carpet and upholstery cleaning training.

5. Your carpet will dry within 1 Hour.

6. 100% Satisfaction guarantee-If you are not happy with the final result, we will come back (15 days period), and we will do it again at no extra charge or we can give you the money back.

7. We offer the most competitive prices on the market.