Many buildings in UK will reopen in the next few weeks and employers will need to make sure that office places are secure for employees and clients so why not trying our Bacteria treatment system that will protect your work place for 30 days . In conjunction with one of our partners we have developed an amazing system to protect you, your business and your colleagues against bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 and is effective on surfaces for up to 30 days following treatment.This system is a specialist Bacteria Control Treatment against viruses including Corona Virus, Anti-bacteria and virus control (Antimicrobial) treatment using specialist atomizing equipment with a product that destroys viruses , this service was specifically designed by microbiologists to identify high risk areas of infection and provide safe long periods of protection without any risk of harm to man or the environment. We carry out the treatment to surfaces using our specialist Micro Atomizer (ULV) technology that produces particularly small output quantities whilst covering large spaces with the product evenly. This ensures that all surfaces are treated that would otherwise be very difficult to guarantee by hand application. The machine operates using a blower creating low pressure forcing air through the system which in turn disperses the product. Additional benefits of using this machine are faster application to all surfaces across larger spaces, and very limited drift when carrying out application. The product was use is being widely used within our health care systems and health care environments, is a chlorine-free, alcohol-free disinfectant technology and it is proven to behighly effective against both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, as well as bacteria, bacterial spores and fungi. It is proven to kill 99.999% of enveloped viruses (such as Coronavirus) and non-enveloped viruses within minutes of contact. On instruction, we would deploy a team of trained technicians to initially identify high risk human contact points by ATP test and evaluation. The team would then apply Tch Control by Micro Atomiser (fogger) throughout the floor, the efficacy of treatment will be affected by the state of cleanliness of the area where the treatment is applied. Upon completion of the deep clean, we would then repeat the ATP test evaluation, documenting results. Our team would then carry out a follow up control Micro Atomiser treatment. This would be followed up by documented ATP test. Treatments would include application, follow up, and ATP evaluation. The Control fluid remains active for up to 4 weeks making your site safe for up to four weeks.



Preventing disinfection fogging are available as one off or as a routine service and will effectively maintain a healthy indoor environment. Routine cleaning and disinfecting minimizes the risk of people contracting an illness off surfaces and helps to purify the air. If you have a lobby or common area in your industrial facility that you would like to have fogged nightly, we can set equipment that will automatically complete the service after hours. This cost-effective approach is a great way to accomplish consistent disinfectant applications without additional labor charges. Your occupants will have a feeling of security and your employee morale will increase.