Washroom Services

If you've got a multi-storey building with a number of cubicles, or unmanned toilets that you can't check personally, how do you know that every item has been serviced as you would wish?

With us, you can be completely confident, because we use a unique GPS satellite tracking monitoring barcode system to monitor every service we do.

Each item we install is barcoded and our operators are equipped with PDA scanners. Once the operators have serviced each unit, replenished stock or emptied waste, they scan the barcodes.

The operator can't 'close the job' until all units on your premises have been serviced and scanned. At that point, the job is signed off and a signed message is automatically emailed to you, to confirm all your washrooms have been serviced. The data is also sent to our office at the same time so we can track all operator movements.

All our clients are delighted with this system, they know that with this system there isn’t any possibility that our operators will miss any unit.

Feminine Hygiene Systems

  • High-energy germicide powder remains effective against bacteria and
    viruses between service intervals.
  • Hands-free, pedal operated unit delivers the highest standard of hygiene.
  • Slim-line design fits all sizes of cubicle. Ribbed modesty tray ensures
    discreet disposal.
  • Capacity: 23 Litres
    Dimensions: 550mm (H) x 540mm (L) X160mm (W)
  • From 1996, the Workplace Regulations came into full effect.
    These state “ In the case of WCs used by women suitable means
    should be provided for the disposal of sanitary dressings.” This
    apply to all commercial washrooms.
  • These sanitary bins are also available in Metal skin and Chrome for
    stylish and upscale washrooms


Vending Services

  • Shows your commitment to staff and customer welfare.
  • No stock purchases or inventory control required by client.
  • Coin operated, wall mounted vending machine with a choice of up
    to nine products.
  • Built to specification to suit both male and female washrooms using
    only branded products.
  • Competitive product prices.
  • Regularly stocked and maintained as a part of our routine service call.
  • Dual vend option available providing Always towel and Tampax tampon to ladies’ washroom.


Nappy Disposal Service 

  • Medical disposal service - 50 litre capacity unit, with modesty tray to
    ensure discreet disposal.
  • The Environmental Protection Act 1991 set out your “Duty of Care” to
    ensure that all soiled dressings are disposed of correctly.
  • Available in Grey or Yellow.
  • Nappy skip system also available for high usage areas


Air Freshening 

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours at source.
  • A range of fragrances to suit all environments.
  • Compact, discreet and stylish unit to complement any decor.
  • Automatic, fully programmable operation creating round the clock freshness.
  • Available in white and chrome.


Urinal Flush Control

  • A unique urinal flash management system designed to drastically reduce
    water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive wastage.
  • The system is incorporated into the water supply to the urinal cistern and
    controls flush frequency by only allowing flushing when a user is detected.
  • If detection does not occur within a 12 hour period the system automatically
    provides a sanitising flush.


Soap Dispenser

  • Simple and elegant dispensers to enhance any washroom decor.
  • A choice of antibacterial, cosmetic or foam soap to meet all skin care needs.
  • Reliable clean and non drip ensuring clean washbasins.
  • Available in white or brushed chrome finish.


Automatic Ozone Generator

  • Cleans and rejuvenates the air we breathe, refreshing the atmosphere
    and bring outdoor freshness indoors.
  • Because ozone is a gas it penetrates to even the most inaccessible locations.
    The process leaves no chemical residue, with “unused” ozone reverting to
    oxygen within a short time.
  • Eliminates unpleasant malodours.
  • Reduces bacterial growth on surfaces.
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses and pollen.