We are now CHAS (Construction Health and Safety scheme) accredited! We are delighted to have passed the assessment process for contractors and to have received our certification which demonstrates our compliance with industry health and safety legislation.

So what exactly is CHAS accreditation?

CHAS is a health and safety accreditation scheme for contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry, and often acts as a type of pre-qualification during the tender process. For instance, if a particular contractor were seeking competent Builders cleaners, one of their criteria for potential cleaning suppliers might be CHAS accreditation as this would fill them with the confidence of knowing that the company are serious and professional as they could not have achieved CHAS without having first demonstrated high standards of work and health and safety compliance.

Some contractors require CHAS to be gained before they allow companies to tender, and this is being seen more often in public procurements such as for councils, schools and other public sector bodies. The purpose of CHAS is to help both buyers and suppliers in the assessment of health and safety competence.

Helping buyers by reducing the lengthy process of assessing contractors health and safety standards individually. Helping suppliers (contractors) by reducing the time consuming process on completing and submitting full details of health and safety processes on each project they compete for.

With our CHAS accreditation and with our SafeContractor Acreditation we commit to annual assessments to show that we are maintaining the high levels of health and safety management required.

 Why Choose a CHAS accredited cleaning company?

There are a large amount of risks involved with cleaning, ok granted not as many as in the building trade or some other trades but cleaners use chemicals, ladders, water all hazards. it’s especially important when it comes to business premises, you have to know that the work is going to be carried out in a safe way. If not just for peace of mind but as part of your responsibility as a business owner.

Using a CHAS accredited cleaning company removes the worry of not knowing if work is carried out in a safe way. there is no requirement for checking the cleaning contractors health and safety paperwork, it’s done for you. All CHAS accredited contractors complies with important parts of health and safety law, CHAS gives guidance on any weaknesses in a supplier’s safety management, including how they can improve so the standards are usually higher than a non accredited contractor.