Many Thanks to all our SEO staff and to all of you that Follow us on our Twitter and Facebok pages, all your likes on our posts were very important to improve our google rankings, Our rankings have gone from 5th page since we uploaded the new website  to 1st Page on some of the keywords we are targeting! We have become more prevalent in our industry which has always been very competitive with over 2,000 competitors.

To be on Google's Search 1st Page means a lot for us, first we have an excellent opportunity for growth our the business.

Top ranking on search engine result page does not only increase our business but also makes it authentic and trustable in the eyes of customers. It is a well-proven fact that customers or visitors have the opinion that, pages which appear on the top are reputed and have a good name in the industry. It can be termed as a psychological game which gives business an added advantage in comparison to their competitors.

Every day billions of search queries are made. The most popular search engine in the world is Google: the market share of Google Search is 84,14%, Yahoo and Bing own accordingly 7,57% and 4,42%. If you include searches made on tablets and smartphones, Google’s leading position is even stronger with 89,9% of market share.

The most remarkable is Google’s first search result page (SERP). The studies show that 90% of people never watch beyond the first page of Google.

Many Thanks

Sergio Dionisio


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