Evidence shows that green cleaning products and techniques offer numerous benefits and advantages to the environment and our quality of life. Here are five simple reasons why you should use green cleaning products:

  • Going Green is Healthier for you. Studies have shown that using a household cleaning spray, for as little as once a week, raises the risk of developing asthma.
  • Better Air Quality. The EPA has said that problems related to poor air quality lead to increases in illness, fatigue and respiratory problems. Many green cleaning products — including store bought and ones you can make at home include pleasant natural essential oils and all natural cleaning products that pose very little harm to the air.
  • Reduced Employee Sicknesses. Companies that invest in greener cleaning products are making better choices to help reduce the number of sick days their employees might take.
  • Safer Products.  Green cleaning products are normally not corrosive and are subject to strict standards under the FDA. Greener cleaning products can also reduce chemical and fire exposure risks too.
  • No need for antibacterial anymore.. The American Medical Association(AMA) says that the frequent use of antibacterial ingredients can promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics. I’ve even heard of doctors warning against antibacterial soaps due to damage to the thyroid gland later on in life. Many green and environmentally friendly cleaning products are free of these antibacterial agents.

You can improve human health and the environment by using greener products and services!

Daily each of us has an impact on the environment . The choices that we make today influence the future that we will all share tomorrow.

With StarPlus Cleaning Services you can feel at ease that your office is being cleaned by people that care. Not only about the cleanliness of your entire entire office, where you spend more than a third of your day, but also about the cleaning products we use. All of our cleaning products are non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, and healthy for you, your employees, and the environment!

We are are proud to bring you an environmentally-friendly and ethical Contract Cleaning London Company that is price-competitive with companies that are using less bio-friendly methods.